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The Mayo Clinic is the first major US medical group to include an Alexander Technique program within its clinical practice.

The International Journal of Clinical Practice reviewed the scientific data collected on the Alexander Technique in studies published through 2011 and concluded: “Strong evidence exists for the effectiveness of Alexander Technique lessons for chronic back pain and moderate evidence in Parkinson’s-associated disability”.

In 2008 the findings of a review funded by the UK Medical Research Council were published by the BMJ. Of 579 subjects with chronic back pain randomized to receive 24 Alexander Technique sessions, this group reported an 86% decrease in pain compared with the control group and a 42% reduction in the Roland Morris disability score.

In November 2015, a randomized, controlled clinical trial funded by Arthritis Research UK published results of 517 people who suffered chronic neck pain for an average of 6 years. Participants receiving 20 Alexander Technique sessions reported 31% less pain and incapacity and retained these benefits for at least 12 months.
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