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Posture, Pain and Stress

Pain afflicts more American adults than heart disease, cancer and diabetes combined (Institute of Medicine). Stress is identified by 4 out of 5 US employers as their workforce’s greatest risk (Towers Watson).

Pain and stress are often products of habit. Painful neck, shoulder and back conditions as well as repetitive strain injuries, hip and knee problems frequently begin with poor postural habits. The way we react to stressful everyday stimuli can also form a pattern. Habitual responses to stress manifest as headaches, jaw problems and breathing difficulties.

Postural habits not only affect health. They also influence our relationships. We express feelings through non-verbal messaging as well as language. Our body use is a vital part of delivering and receiving information.

The key to changing harmful habits lies in two parts. The first is to recognize the need for change. The second is to find a practical method that facilitates change. The Alexander Technique helps clarify the first and delivers the second.
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