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“I have two routes out of your little difficulty. One is to drink a daily bottle of gin. The other is to try the Alexander Technique”, understated Wilfred Barlow, M.D. and Medical Director of the Alexander Technique Institute, London, one humid July evening.

My “little difficulty” began ten months earlier. A gym-crazy young entertainment attorney, my back ‘went out’ with no apparent cause. I hobbled to eminent physicians and chiropractors whose strong drugs, painful manipulation and pre-surgical scans proved fruitless. A friend’s card that Christmas depicted my fix with a sketched rabbit and a bittersweet caption. By late spring my skewed posture had overwhelmed normal life.

In desperation I took Dr. Barlow’s advice. Starting Alexander Technique instruction 3 times a week, after 4 weeks life was painless, upright and mobile again. For the next decade I enjoyed periodic Alexander Technique sessions until my teacher in Switzerland asked: “Have you considered becoming an instructor?” Weeks later I started a 1,600 hour, 3 year training course
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