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Without force or pain I will reorganize your head-neck-back, pelvis and legs while you are standing, seated and lying on a comfy table. With accompanying explanation, you will feel a release of muscular holding and its replacement by a perceptible sensation of length and width (although you will look trimmer!). If desired we can benchmark your progress via periodic postural photographs. You will learn rapidly how to identify, release and replace harmful habitual stress on your own.

The first consultation includes a detailed discussion about your condition, a postural analysis (if desired) and a brief introduction to the Alexander Technique. Unrestricting pants and top are recommended attire. This first meeting is free of charge. Thereafter, sessions are priced according to the number you choose (single, 6 or 12), whether they are one-on-one and the location. The usual venue is my welcoming studio in San Mateo or, with sufficient demand, from your workplace or other agreed site.
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