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F.M. Alexander

Don’t let the old photos or eccentric uncle look fool you,
Frederick Matthias Alexander (1869-1955) was a hands-on health revolutionary.

Australian by birth, he began as a stage entertainer. After repeatedly losing his voice and frustrated by doctors’ misdiagnoses, he undertook a meticulous process of self-observation in mirrors. Alexander’s ensuing findings and solution were ingenious. He discovered that how we use our bodies in every activity directly affects our health and performance. His solution was a pragmatic system which allows us to identify and change our habitual ways of performing almost all actions. He explained the concepts in four books published between 1910 and 1946.

During his life Alexander made no claim that his breakthrough was a ‘cure’. However, medical research and clinical experience has shown that for postural and body use problems, the Alexander Technique is supremely effective. This success lasts considerably longer than drugs or surgery and at a fraction of the financial and physical cost.
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