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“Before I met Jeremy I was struggling with my back and posture. I tried everything with no real results. The Alexander Technique has been the biggest game changer in my life.”
Raj P | Product Manager, San Francisco

“I had severe pain from rotator cuff issues and a frozen shoulder. After several sessions with Jeremy the pain was completely eliminated and my shoulder and arm were restored to 100% capacity. I avoided surgery.”
Tanya P | Attorney, Palo Alto

“I was having repetitive strain injury problems through working at a computer. Jeremy helped me become aware of my habitual ‘holding’. Now I can work and move freely without tension and pain.”
Takako M | Executive Assistant, San Mateo

"The Alexander Technique is the real deal; it works for singers, instrumentalists and actors...and Jeremy is an amazing instructor."
Heidi M | Opera Singer, Burlingame

“I can attest that Alexander Technique instruction is the way to eradicate chronic musculoskeletal pain. Surgery, chiropractors, and physical therapy place band aids on most pain but the Alexander Technique actually corrects the cause of the pain.”
Lora H, MD | Phoenix, AZ


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